Is Wool Carpet Right for You?

wool carpet

Wool has been in use for hundreds of years not only in the carpet industries but many others as well. It has a beautiful appearance and can withstand pressure. In carpet making, the best wool is string wool.

It’s often found in sheep and is, indeed, an important material in carpet making and for other uses as well. If you want a new carpet at home, then try a wool one for all the right reasons. Here are the benefits you are sure to enjoy with a wool carpet:

  • Excessive Comfort

When it comes to luxury, and warm feeling, there’s no other material that can take the place of wool. Besides that, wool is energy efficient and will definitely keep your floor warm and hence provide you extreme comfort. There’s no better way to understand the goodness of wool than to give it a try. Buy one and enjoy comfort!

  • It’s Biodegradable

These days, everyone talks about the environment and the need to keep it clean. Unlike other materials, wool is biodegradable and, in fact, produces carbon dioxide, sulphur, and nitrogen. You will use it, and when it comes to disposing of it, you won’t have to worry much about it because it’s environmentally friendly. So if you love keeping the environment at home nice both indoors and outdoors, then a wool carpet is all you need.

  • Strength & Superb Performance

Wool lasts long and is more durable compared to other materials used in making carpets. It is one of the most durable carpets besides nylon. Having a good one at home means that you won’t have to think of buying a new one anytime soon provided you keep what you have in good condition. Aside from that, wool carpets maintain a good appearance for many years. Indeed, having it, it’s a big boost to the beauty of your home. That’s why these carpets are the most popular ones among homeowners.

  • Stain Resistant and Easy to Clean

Wool contains natural oils that are stain resistant. It’s, therefore, good if you have kids and pets at home. Simple and regular vacuuming will keep it clean and free from stain. Spills, dander, dust and other things if not cleaned can harbor mites and other pests. Removing them, however, depends on the type of carpet you have. With a wool carpet, you won’t have any hassle cleaning and ridding it of unwanted stuff.

  • It’s Fire Resistant

We all do not want to imagine experiencing fire incidences at home. One of the ways of keeping our homes fire free is by getting fire-resistant materials, and wool carpet is one of them. Wool is not only resistant to fire but also has slow ignition rate. Indeed, having it is highly beneficial and is safe and strong when it comes to fire resistance.

Wool is, indeed, a luxury carpet and you need it for your home. It’s comfortable, durable, stain resistant, natural and sustainable as well bearing in mind that it grows on sheep and shearing is part of caring for our animals as well. Get it and enjoy the luxury that comes with it.

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