Why Your Carpet Smells Bad

carpet smell

You’ve probably at some point had a distinct smell that won’t go away easily. Identifying it especially when it’s coming from the carpet can be a hassle if you do not understand the common carpet odors.

Fortunately, most carpet odors are easy to remove with professional carpet cleaning. You may, however, have to seek the help of a professional if the problem persists. Some of the common carpet odors you’ll have at home include:

Wet Carpet Odor

Leaving your carpet wet or too damp for many days will surely result in musty odor and encourage the growth of mold. You must already be aware that the odor coupled with the presence of mold can cause respiratory issues and headaches. To avoid such a situation and resultant health issues, you need to ensure that your carpet doesn’t have or remain with water after water damage or cleaning.

Pet Urine Odor

If you have pets at home, then get prepared to deal with pet urine odor. It’s one of the strongest odors that can be a challenge to remove if you had not dealt with it in the past. So the next time there’s a strong smell at home, and you have pets, know that it’s probably pet urine odor. You can remove it by drying and carefully rinsing the affected area. If it persists, seek professional help.

Food Crumbs Odors

It’s a common odor in the dining and kitchen areas. It occurs mostly when you have kids that throw around pieces of food. With proper cleaning, you can get rid of it but watch out as it can be strong and serious if it’s from drinks. Though it may not smell bad at the start, it will get strong with time.

Dust and Soil Odor

Dust and soli odor is common, especially in high traffic areas. If you observe cleaning tips, you can manage it. Remember that if it’s not removed, then dust mites will have a wonderful breeding ground. You, of course, do not want such problems at home. Therefore, manage dust and soil odor well, and you’ll prevent further issues.

Leftover Carper Cleaning Chemical Odor

This can be hard to identify since it usually occurs immediately after cleaning your carpet. Though it might not be harmful, you need to ensure that all chemicals used during the cleaning process are completely removed.

If you choose the right cleaning company, you won’t have such problems at home. Some chemicals are, however, strong and can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, make sure that they do not remain after cleaning.

While there are many other carpet odors, the above five are the most common ones. Whether you have had them in the past or not, the obvious fact is that you’ll experience them provided you have a carpet at home. You should, however, not worry much about them as they can be removed through cleaning.

Some of them are pretty simple to remove, and you can do it yourself. For the strong ones that can’t be identified easily, seek professional help, so you stay in a clean and comfortable home environment.

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