What’s the Best Season for Carpet Cleaning?

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A carpet is one of the largest investments in a home. The durability of this investment is dependent on proper maintenance and cleaning. Aside from weekly vacuuming, your carpets need a professional clean at least once in a year. That brings up a very important question:

What’s the best time of the year for carpet cleaning? It depends on your lifestyle, preference, and the amount of traffic in your home at different times of the year.

Most of us are only going to book professional carpet cleaning once a year. The dilemma is; should you clean your carpet in the summer, fall, winter or spring. Let’s take a closer look at each season and help you decide which is best.


During the winter, we track mud, salt, grit, and ice into the house and onto the carpet. Also, during the winter there is high traffic in the house as people spend time indoors and you will probably invite friends and relatives to your house.

So, now that the winter is gone, spring is a good time to clean all the dirt brought into the house in the winter. Spring makes perfect sense if people in your household do not remove shoes when they step on the carpet.


During the spring, most of us open windows and doors to let in some fresh air. Dust pollen, mold spores, and any other pollutants find their way inside the house. Where do you think most of the pollutants will eventually land? On the carpet, of course. Then there is the spring rain. Your kids and pets will track mud on the carpet.

The summer, therefore, is a great time to clean the carpet to get rid of the pollutants and mud brought on the carpet during the Spring. Also, since you will spend most of the summer outdoors, is this not a great time to clean the carpet?


During the winter, we spend most of the time indoors. It will help to have the carpet cleaned so you can breathe fresh air. Remember, you might be hosting friends and relatives during the winter. Will a clean carpet not improve first impressions? Therefore, Fall is a good time to clean the carpet in preparation for the winter.


Winter is not a convenient time to clean our carpet. You need it as you are spending most of the time indoors. The only advantage of carpet cleaning during this season is that due to low demand, you are probably going to land a generous discount from most companies.


Ideally, there is no ‘best time’ of the year to clean your carpet. It is largely determined by your preference, lifestyle, and schedule.

If you are going to have your carpet professionally cleaned once a year, we recommend cleaning it during the spring.

If you are going to clean it twice a year, schedule it for spring, so you can get rid of the massive winter dirt, and fall, so you can enjoy the cleaner indoor atmosphere during the winter.

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