Tips for Caring for Your Carpet

No matter whether you are making your new home ready with a final touch of interior decoration or just replacing your old carpet with the newer one to get rid of allergens; it will add a warmth and comfort to your living space.

Many people complain about the short life of carpets but in actual, carpets lose their shine fast when they do not receive the right care. If you are installing new carpets at home, it is important to know the right carpet cleaning rules to make them last so long.

Top tips for caring for your carpets:

  1. Vacuum cleaning:

Experts suggest vacuuming carpets time to time to restore their general health. Even if they do not appear so dirty, make sure to vacuum them at set intervals. Note that new carpets use to have some short fibers that may come out during vacuum cleaning session but there is no need to worry about them because it is natural. However, your carpet will not lose its appearance with the removal of those short fiber pieces. It is believed that carpets that receive regular cleaning often serve owners for longer life.

  1. Use barrier mats:

Very few of you might be aware of the barrier mat concept. Actually, they help to protect your carpet from getting dirty so fast. There are so many varieties of carpets in the market, some of them become dirty so fast whereas others may hide dirt particles so long. Wool rich carpets have the ability to hide more dirt inside but at the same time, they are much easier to clean. However, it is still a good idea to use small barrier mats around your carpet so that they can prevent greasy spots on costly carpets. The best locations to install barrier mats are doorways, kitchen entry points, as well as the area where the carpet is directly connected to high traffic hardwood floor. These small mats will help to ensure long life service for your expensive carpets.

  1. Remove stains immediately:

Many people make a mistake of rubbing the carpet when they find a stain on it. However, it is important to clean the spillages as soon as possible; you should never try to rub them hard or over wet in hurry. Experts suggest using a knife to take away the solid residues whereas greasy spots can be easily removed by using special oil/grease remover solutions. In case if you find liquid spillages on your carpet, the best idea is to blot it up as soon as possible using a clean absorbent tissue. The safest and most powerful technique is to use a wool-safe approved shampoo or specially designed spray. Make sure that the area becomes completely dry before you walk again on your carpet. It is not advised to over wet the carpet, otherwise, it may face more harm.

Prefer to follow routine cleaning schedule for your carpets and it is also important to call trusted professionals at least once in a year to run deep cleaning process.  Lloyd’s Chem-Dry in Aurora, CO offers carpet cleaning services for local businesses and homes.

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