Tile & Stone Cleaning Aurora, CO

Tile and stone are beautiful, durable surfaces for your home or business that can provide many years of longevity and practical service. It may be tempting to only provide minimal cleaning for your tile and stone surfaces, but neglecting the need for deep cleaning can result in permanent stains or even the potential for damage, especially for unsealed flooring in Aurora.

Glazed, Unglazed and Natural Surfaces

The frequency of your CO Tile & Stone Cleaning needs will depend on the type of stone or tile that you have in your home or business. Glazed ceramic tile has a waterproof surface that provides it with protection and durability. Unglazed tile or natural stone surfaces are at risk of stains and deeply embedded dirt due to their porous surfaces. A high-traffic area such as a busy lobby in Aurora may require frequent cleaning to prevent difficult stains from forming.

Porous Grout

Any type of grout that is used with stone or tile is a porous magnet for stains and dirt. Grout can also be damaged by large amounts of embedded dirt or acidic stains that can cause it to crack, crumble and fail. Dirty, stained grout also makes the surrounding tile look dingy and dated. White or light-colored grout can be especially problematic as it will quickly pick up dirt and stains, even with frequent, effective cleaning. Bathroom tile is exposed to moisture and the grout is often lined with mildew stains that require deep cleaning as well.

Deep Cleaning without Harsh Chemicals

Tile, stone and grout can also be easily damaged by harsh chemicals, so it is best to deep clean them without cleaning products that can etch the surface or greasy soaps that can dull the surface. Our high-quality, gentle methods for CO Tile & Stone Cleaning will ensure that your tile, stone and grout is efficiently and effectively cleaned. Your grout will be deep cleaned to ensure its continued stability and beauty, and your stone and tile will look new and fresh.

Penetrating Sealers

After tile, stone and grout are deep cleaned, they should be sealed with a penetrating sealant to prevent moisture and dirt from soaking into the porous surfaces. The manufacturer of the flooring material may recommend a specific type of sealant, but a general, high-quality sealant that is suited for the type of material will be an appropriate choice in most Aurora cases. Between cleanings, your tile or stone will benefit from frequent sweeping and damp mopping.

High-quality maintenance and cleaning will ensure that your tile or stone floors continue to look beautiful for many years. Give us a call today to learn more about our safe, effective cleaning process for your tile and stone decor.

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