Specialty Carpet Stain Removal in Aurora, CO

Your home is a significant investment, one worth protecting at all costs. Are you taking care of your home’s carpet and making sure it’s enjoying maximum protection? At Lloyd’s Chem-Dry, we offer quality, professional carpet cleaning in Denver, CO. We can provide general carpet cleaning services that extend the lifespan of your carpet and keep your home clean and pristine, and we can also provide specialized carpet stain removal in Aurora, CO, and other communities in the Denver area. Here’s a look at what we can do for you.

The Things That Cause Stains

stain-removal-minTry as you might, your carpets will always be threatened by stains, which can come from almost anywhere. Here’s just a small sampling of the many common carpet stains that threaten your home:

  • Food, wine, coffee stains
  • Mud stains (from shoes and pets)
  • Lipstick stains
  • Pet stains
  • Kids (markers, spills, etc.)

Knowing stains are inevitable, you need to find a provider of carpet stain removal in Aurora, CO, as well as other communities throughout the Denver area, that you can count on. At Lloyd’s Chem-Dry, we can be that trusted service provider.

Why Vacuuming Isn’t Enough

Vacuuming is a great way to keep your home clean and healthy, and it can certainly help you extend the lifespan of your carpet. However, vacuuming isn’t always sufficient to remove carpet stains. When you vacuum, you’re pulling up dust and dirt and grime — the tiny particles that build up over time – but not always stains.

When one of the above stain types happens in your home, there’s not much a vacuum can do. A vacuum won’t remove a wine or coffee stain, it won’t remove a market stain or pet urine stain that seeps deep into your carpet. When you need to take care of one of these issues, you need a trusted carpet cleaner and stain remover in Denver, CO.

Our Process

At Lloyd’s Chem-Dry, we deliver carpet stain removal for the Aurora area that you can count on. We have the experience and knowledge needed to tackle general carpet cleaning jobs as well as specialized carpet stain removal work. We use a natural process that helps protect your carpet and keeps your family and your pets safe — as there are no chemicals involved. Our cleaning services are natural and fast drying. When you choose an alternate process like steam cleaning, you’re left with wet carpets that seem to take forever to dry. There’s no waiting with Lloyd’s Chem-Dry — you get the clean carpets you need without any lengthy wait for drying.

Why Choose Lloyd’s Chem-Dry?

Chem-Dry has been providing the highest quality carpet cleaning services since 1977. We work with area home and business owners to ensure that they’re enjoying the clean living and working environments they deserve. Because we’ve been in business for 40-plus years, we have experience and perfected processes that you won’t find with just any professional carpet cleaner. Our unique process is the result of our four decades of experience. We’ve learned what our customers want and what they appreciate, and we’ve built our services from there. Get the best professional carpet cleaning and stain removal in Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, and Denver when you choose Lloyd’s Chem-Dry.

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What our Customers Say

  • "You have literally given our gate area floor covering ‘new life’ and have undoubtedly saved us the cost of replacing this carpet in the process."American Airlines
  • "Amazing! That’s the only way I can describe the job you did on my sofa and love seat today. Thanks again, and you will have all my future carpet cleaning business."John G
  • "We are extremely pleased with the service and personal attention provided by Chem-Dry. The Chem-Dry process leaves our carpet clean and fresh looking."Xerox Corporation

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