Is Polyester Carpet Right for Your Home?

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Most homeowners don’t buy new carpet very often so it might be hard to know which type of carpet is right for your home. There are several types of fibers and materials to choose from at a local carpet store.

You will want to consider factors such as color, style, construction, durability and, of course, cost before you decide which carpet to buy.

The most popular choice for carpeting is polyester. There are both pros and cons of polyester. Below are some of the benefits as well as some of the reasons polyester carpet might not be right for your home or a specific room or area:


Polyester is very popular in large part due to its lustrous color. You will immediately see the difference in color if you compare polyester with nylon or wool carpet. It has a vibrant sheen that truly brightens any room.


Another primary reason for the popularity of polyester carpet is its cost. Most cuts of polyester cost significantly cheaper than nylon and other synthetic materials and are much cheaper than wool and natural fibers.

There are some reasons why polyester is cheaper which we will mention below.


Polyester is one of the most eco-friendly synthetic fibers because of how it is made. It is primarily made from recycled plastic soda bottles and water bottles. That’s where all of your soda and water bottles go after you are done with them!


You will find that polyester is very stain-resistant. However, that doesn’t mean it is resistant to all dirt. Polyester will repel some liquid stains and fight off some spills before they set or become permanent.

But, polyester is also very prone to soiling. Soiling occurs in high-traffic areas in the form of browning and at times when residues and cleaning solutions are left behind in the carpet.

You should try to avoid installing polyester in hallways and high-traffic areas due to this and instead install it in bedrooms and offices.


The primary reason people do not buy polyester carpet is due to its poor durability. You do not want to use polyester on stairs, in hallways or in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic because it will wear down fast and might only last 5 years or less before its appearance loses its color.

You can improve the durability of polyester if you purchase a higher grade of material and the very best type of carpet pad available at the store. The pad beneath the carpet plays an important role in how durable a carpet is.

But, even with a good carpet pad, polyester is not the best choice for durability. The best option for durability is nylon carpet. If possible, consider installing polyester in bedrooms and nylon in the most-used rooms in a home.

You will want to schedule carpet cleaning each year no matter which type of fiber you choose. For polyester carpet, Lloyd’s Chem-Dry in Aurora, CO will remove signs of soiling and return the original color to the surface of the carpet.

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