How to Tear Out Carpet

We hate to admit it, but sometimes carpet is just too old or too damaged and our carpet cleaning service cannot restore it to its optimal performance or beauty. In this case, you need to consider tearing out your carpet and replacing it with new carpet.

The good news is that tearing out carpet is not too difficult. The first thing you need to do to remove old carpet is to go to one of the corners of the room and pull the carpet away from the floor. You might need to run your razorblade across the corners to loosen the old carpet from the tack boards around the wall. After the corner is pulled up you can then pull a large section of the carpet away from the floor and carpet pad.

We recommend doing this in sections. You can run your razorblade across the surface of the carpet in rectangular sections. This will allow you to roll up the sections once you have removed them for easier disposal of the old carpet. Continue this process until all of the carpet has been pulled off of the floor.

You will now need to remove the carpet pad. This is much easier as the pad is just attached with staples. You can lift up the pad and tear it apart in sections since its construction isn’t too difficult to tear. You should be able to just throw all of the pieces of the carpet pad into garbage bags to throw away once the project is complete.

Now you need to remove the tack strips from the walls. Tack strips are just long pieces of wood that attach the carpet to the walls. The boards are stapled and can be removed with the back end of a hammer.

Then you need to remove all of the staples from the floor. This is the most time-consuming step in removing old carpet from your home. You can complete this part of the project much faster if you purchase a tool from your local hardware store. There are tools designed specifically for pulling staples out of the floor. We recommend purchasing this tool.

That’s it. Once the staples are out of the floor your room should be clear of all traces of the old carpet and the old carpet pad. You can now go to a carpet retail store and purchase new carpet for your room or your home.

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