Why Dust Mites Live in Carpet

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While carpets on floors are a perfect way of making a home to look and feel comfortable, keeping dust mites away from them can be a nightmare. They like breeding in carpets and getting rid of them is never an easy task.

What makes it even worse than we can imagine is the fact that their presence in your carpet can pose health threats especially if you have allergic reactions or asthma. So why do dust mites live carpets? Well, here are the reasons. Knowing them might help in keeping them away from your carpet. Off we go:

#1 Carpet Provides Warm & Humid Conditions

Dust mites love warm and humid places and that’s exactly what they get in carpet. To keep them away, ensure that your carpet is completely dry and free from dirt or dust. Though we can’t keep our carpets cold, ensuring that they are free from excess water can be a big boost in the fight against the presence of mites.

Aside from that, though they love a warm environment, mites can’t survive in hot conditions. So putting your carpet through 60°C wash can be a way of managing and effectively getting rid of dust mites in your carpet.

#2 Carpets Harbor Food For Dust Mites

Dead skin shed by human beings and pets are trapped in carpets and usually act as food for dust mites. That’s why when these particles are not removed through a thorough cleaning, dust mites thrive and, in fact, increase in number.

This is why carpet cleaning is very important. Keeping your carpet clean and free from these materials, you are denying the mites their food and they will, of course, die. Therefore, ensure that your carpet is not left to collect skin, fur, food particles and even water for dust mites. Though they do not drink water, they absorb it into their bodies through air.

#3 Dust & Dirt in Carpet Create Perfect Paradise for Them

You, of course, know that carpets especially when not cleaned do keep a lot of dust and dirt. The presence of dust and dirt particles in carpet makes it a perfect environment for dust mites. In fact, their name alone suggests that they survive in dusty conditions. Leaving your carpet full of dust is just a sure way of attracting dust mites in the largest numbers possible.

#4 Laundry Piles on Carpet

It’s a common practice among many people to let laundry pile at the floor. The presence of such materials including rugs and fabrics create perfect conditions for the thriving of dust mites. If you do not want to encourage that then your days of leaving laundry to pile up at the floor are over. Have them washed and let the carpet be kept as clean as possible as well.

Now you know why dust mites can’t miss in your carpet. If you ensure that all the above conditions aren’t created at home, you won’t have the problem of these little creatures that can cause trouble and health threats especially when they are many.

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