What Causes Carpet Wrinkles?

Are there bumps or wrinkles in the middle of your wall-to-wall carpet? These bumps are imperfections and signs of wear on the surface of a carpet. There are several causes for carpet wrinkles in a home. Learn more below:



One of the main reasons for carpet wrinkles or carpet bumps is poor installation. This is common in new carpet. You need to ensure the installer is certified and reputable with the proper equipment to correctly install your new carpet.

Prior to paying for the service, inspect the installation for signs of bumps or wrinkles across the surface of the floor. If there are carpet wrinkles or if any appear shortly after the installation you should immediately notify the installer and have him or her return for repair.


You need to purchase a carpet pad with the same grade as your carpet. If the carpet is built to last for 10 years or 15 years the pad needs to match that. If a pad deteriorates too fast it can lead to carpet wrinkles appearing throughout the surface of the carpet in a room.


Dragging heavier objects across the floor can lead to carpet wrinkles. This includes furniture and appliances. Wheeled objects can also cause bumps in carpet. Homes with wheelchairs or devices that aid in walking are prone to carpet wrinkles appearing over time or earlier than in homes without wheelchairs and similar devices.

You will also often notice carpet wrinkles in home offices where someone sits on a rolling office chair. You can help protect the carpet in your home office with a plastic mat beneath the office chair.


Excessive water damage from severe weather or leaks in plumbing, roofing or windows can lead to a build up of moisture in carpet. This moisture will deteriorate the adhesive bonds and backing on carpet and can lead to bumps and wrinkles forming soon after.


Do not hire carpet cleaning with prices too good to be true. The cheaper the carpet cleaning service, the better chance low-quality equipment and improper methods are being used. A cheap carpet cleaning service will saturate carpet with moisture to rinse out soap and detergents. Similar to water damage, that moisture will then lead to carpet wrinkles and bumps.

Instead, call Lloyd’s Chem-Dry in Denver, CO. We provide carpet cleaning in Aurora, Centennial and Littleton as well.

Our service is low-moisture and won’t saturate your carpet pad or the fibers. Instead, we use powerful extraction equipment to remove almost all of the traces of moisture in our service and leave your home fresh and clean after.

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