What Carpet Should You Install in Traffic Areas?

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Carpets come in different styles, material, and colors. The choice of carpet is heavily dependent on the area of installation. The carpet you choose for a low traffic area such as a bedroom may not be ideal for a heavy traffic area such as the living.

To pick the ideal carpet for heavy traffic areas consider the following factors:


You not only want a carpet fiber that is durable but also easy to maintain. A common choice for heavy traffic areas is nylon. It is low-maintenance and durable. The best nylon carpet is one that is treated for stain resistance.

Even though polyester carpets are stain resistant (but not as much as nylon) they are not a good choice for high traffic areas. These carpets shed easily, and are difficult to clean.

Wool is luxurious and has average shed resistance and stain resistance.

Polypropylene (olefin) is moisture resistance, stain resistant, and durable but it looks cheap. Therefore, it is ideal for heavy traffic areas where appearances are not a priority.

A carpet fiber that might match the low-maintenance and durability of nylon is Triexta. Triexta carpets resist stain easily, without the need for stain resistance treatment.


The quality of a carpet will also dictate its durability. The density rating, tuft twist, and construction are factors that reflect the quality of a carpet.

There two types of carpet construction; staple construction and Bulked Continuous Filament (BCF) construction. The former sheds easily, meaning it will not last long.

The tuft twist figure shows how many times the fibers are twisted per inch. The more the twist the better. For heavy traffic area, the ideal tuft twist is 5 twists per inch.

The density rating shows the amount of pile yarn and how close the fibers are spaced. When selecting carpets, bend them backward (with the fiber facing out). If you can see the back of the carpet easily, the carpet is not dense enough, thus, a bad choice for heavy traffic areas.

The face weight figure represents the amount of fiber in a square yard. For high traffic areas choose a carpet with a face weight of more than 40 ounces.


There are three styles of carpet; cut piles, loop piles, and cut and loop pile. Cut pile carpets show foot and vacuuming imprints, but, are visually appealing and have a smooth texture compared to loop pile carpets.

Loop piles are knobby in appearance but are more durable. You can combine the benefits of these two styles by getting a cut and loop pile carpet.


In heavy traffic areas, there will be lots of debris, and dirt on the carpet. So, the color of the carpet matters.

Bright colors, the likes of white and cream, tend to attract and show dirt easily compared to darker shades.


Durability is the main factor dictating the choice of carpet for heavy traffic areas. However, you should also consider factors such as visual appeal and cost. The information above will help you choose a heavy traffic carpet that will best suit your needs.

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