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Are you overdue for professional carpet cleaning for your home or business? Schedule an appointment with Lloyd’s Chem-Dry in Denver, CO today! Call: (720) 354-8055

You should schedule Denver carpet cleaning every 12-18 months according to most carpet manufacturers. Deep cleaning helps maintain the quality of your carpet and extend its lifetime by removing embedded dirt, bacteria and allergens from carpet fibers.

It’s important you choose the best carpet cleaning service in Denver for the job! There are several factors to consider before hiring a carpet cleaner, including their process, cleaning chemicals, dry times, cost and reputation.

Your #1 choice among Denver carpet cleaners is Lloyd’s Chem-Dry. There are several benefits to hiring Lloyd’s Chem-Dry for your home or business:

Why Choose Lloyd’s Chem-Dry?

1. Training & Certification

The carpet cleaners at Lloyd’s Chem-Dry have many years of experience serving Denver homes and businesses with exceptional carpet cleaning services. Each technician receives 5-star training and certification.

The Lloyd’s Chem-Dry process is recognized in the industry as one of the best and most-preferred methods for cleaning carpet. Our service has met the rigorous requirements to receive The Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval. The CRI Seal of Approval is proof of a safe and superior service for your carpet.

2. Green Carpet Cleaning

Lloyd’s Chem-Dry does not use harsh cleaning chemicals or toxins for our carpet cleaning service. The process relies on “the power of carbonation” and green cleaning solutions for superior results.

Our signature cleaning solution, The Natural®, is on the FDA GRAS list. It contains no chemicals whatsoever and is 100% safe for you, your family and your home! It’s even safe for pets too!

The Natural is a low-moisture, carbonated mixture. It creates millions of tiny bubbles able to permeate carpet fibers and lift the dirt and soil deep in your carpet up to the surface.

3. Eco-Friendly Process

The Natural combined with our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) is eco-friendly. The process requires 80% less water than carpet cleaning methods such as steam cleaning or rental machines.

The reason Lloyd’s Chem-Dry needs so little water is because there is no soap in our process. Most Denver carpet cleaners use soap to pull dirt from carpet and then they need to rinse out the soap with several gallons of water.

There is no soap and very little water in our process.

4. Carpet Dries Fast!

The steam cleaning process often requires several hours and sometimes even days for the carpet to dry afterwards. This is not true for Lloyd’s Chem-Dry.

If you schedule carpet cleaning in Denver from Lloyd’s Chem-Dry, your carpet will dry in one or two hours after the appointment is over.

You can return to your normal activities in your home right away! There’s no need to wait days for your carpet to be dry again.

5. Instant Allergy Relief

A carpet cleaning appointment from Lloyd’s Chem-Dry doesn’t only remove dirt, soil and stains from your carpet. Our process removes over 98% of allergens from carpet and from upholstery!

It gets better. If you include Chem-Dry Sanitizer in your service, 89% of the airborne bacteria in your home will be gone too!

Lloyd’s Chem-Dry is truly the healthy choice for your home or business.

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6. Stain Removal

The Lloyd’s Chem-Dry standard carpet cleaning service removes common stains from dirt and traffic in your home as well as liquid stains from food and other sources.

If the basic process is unable to remove a stain from your carpet, Lloyd’s Chem-Dry offers specialty stain removal to rid your carpet of tougher stains.

All stain removal techniques and solutions are safe for your home and tested and proven in Chem-Dry laboratories. “If we can’t clean it, no one can!”

7. Stain Protectant

You don’t want new stains shortly after your appointment. Lloyd’s Chem-Dry can help with that!

Our exclusive, Chem-Dry Protectant™ products offer the height of stain resistance you won’t find from other carpet cleaners in Denver, CO. These products boost and refresh the performance of factory stain resistance for even greater resistance to soils and stains.

PowerGuard Protectant™ contains acid-dye resistors and a unique polymer base that is well-suited to protecting polyester, olefin and other solution-dyed carpets. A combination of The Natural® and PowerGuard™ outperforms any other protectants according to laboratory tests.

Chem-Dry Repel Protectant creates a molecular shield around each carpet fiber to repel most liquids, so you can wipe away spills before they stain your carpet. This protectant also helps prevent the carpet fibers from absorbing dirt and other stains. Additionally, our Chem-Dry Wool Protectant is designed specifically to provide maximum stain and soil repellant for wool carpets and rugs.

Carpet Cleaning Specials

Don’t sacrifice service and quality for low costs from a cheap carpet cleaning company. Lloyd’s Chem-Dry offers online carpet cleaning specials to help reduce the costs of our service! Be sure to check our website often for new coupons and deals.

Chem-Dry vs. Steam Cleaning

The traditional method for carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. You will find several carpet cleaning services in Denver advertising this method of cleaning. That being said, traditional isn’t always the best. The best carpet cleaning in Denver comes from Lloyd’s Chem-Dry and our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process. Here are the differences between Lloyd’s Chem-Dry and steam cleaning:

Chem-Dry (Hot Carbonation)

Chem-Dry (Hot Carbonation)

  • Carbonating Cleaning Solution
  • Neutral pH Cleaning Solution
  • Resists Resoiling
  • Low Water Quantity
  • Low-Pressure Application
  • Short Drying Time
  • Green Solutions & Cleaning Method
Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

  • Flat, Inactive Cleaning Solution
  • High pH Cleaning Solution
  • Encourages Resoiling
  • High Water Quantity
  • High-Pressure Application
  • Long Drying Times
  • Harsh Chemicals, Excessive Water

Lloyd’s Chem-Dry Reviews: Denver, CO

“Amazing customer service and loved how much time and effort Charles put into my carpet. He took his time to make sure he got every corner and every step on my staircase. Job well done for the excellent price and for the horrid condition my carpet was in. Will definitely use this company and specifically ask for Charles next time.” – Ryan Chavarria, Denver, CO

“Excellent job and superb customer service. Will have back again and suggest​ this company to my friends.” – Leslie Recio, Denver, CO

“We needed our condo carpet cleaned. We are new here. We wanted a good company that would thoroughly clean and dry our carpet quickly… Found Lloyd’s on Google . Maurice explained the Chem Dry process thoroughly so I felt comfortable using them. Charley came out on time the day I needed him.. He did an EXCELLENT job! Both gentlemen were polite, thorough and professional. We would highly recommend Lloyd’s Chem-Dry to anyone needing carpet cleaning. (We were very happy also to give our work to a veteran!!)” – Sue Bernritter, Denver, CO

“Charlie arrived on time and was very friendly and informative. He went room to room and discussed everything with us and did a great job! Plus, our floors dried super fast. We will definitely use Lloyds in the future.” – Rachael Blair, Denver, CO

“Lloyd’s Chem-Dry is great. Easy to schedule, showed up on time, reasonable price, and the results were excellent.” – Eli Anderson, Denver, CO

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  • "You have literally given our gate area floor covering ‘new life’ and have undoubtedly saved us the cost of replacing this carpet in the process."American Airlines
  • "Amazing! That’s the only way I can describe the job you did on my sofa and love seat today. Thanks again, and you will have all my future carpet cleaning business."John G
  • "We are extremely pleased with the service and personal attention provided by Chem-Dry. The Chem-Dry process leaves our carpet clean and fresh looking."Xerox Corporation

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