Does Carpet Cleaning Cause Soiling?

There is a common misconception when it comes to professional carpet cleaning that the process leads to soiling or even dirtier carpet after. Of course, this is not true, but there is a reason so many homeowners believe this.

The reason homeowners believe carpet cleaning soils their carpet is due to a residue being left behind in the carpet. The residue is usually the result of soap being uses during the cleaning process.

There are several cheap carpet cleaning options available for homeowners and most of these options require soap for dirt and stain removal. You will discover that rental machines as well as one-man operations and steam cleaning depend on soap for deep cleaning carpet.

This type of carpet cleaning equipment and process sprays soap into the carpet fibers. If you rent a machine, it is the job of the machine to extract as much of the dirt and soil from the carpet and then rinse out the soap with gallons of hot water. If you hire a steam cleaner, the technician will use professional equipment and hot water to rinse out the soap.

The problem is, it is very hard to remove soap from carpet. There isn’t a drain in your carpet as there is in your sink or dishwasher or laundry machine. The soap needs to be removed and that isn’t easy. Steam cleaning attempts to do so with gallons of water and while the process might remove most of the soap, it likely won’t remove all of it.

Then what happens is the soap left behind starts to act like a magnet for new dirt and stains. The soap will pull all of the soil and dirt together and create a soiling or brown type of stain on the surface of the carpet not long after the carpet cleaning appointment.

In order to ensure soiling doesn’t occur after a carpet cleaning appointment, you need to hire a service that does not use soap or detergent to clean carpet.

Lloyd’s Chem-Dry in Aurora, CO uses a process for carpet cleaning that relies on carbonation and green-certified solutions free of soap and harsh chemicals. The process is effective, efficient and never results in soiling on carpet.

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