Carpet Browning

Are you experiencing carpet browning in your home? This happens when a wet, brown stain continues to appear in the same spot on the surface of your carpet. There are several reasons why carpet browning occurs:

The cause for carpet browning is your carpet being too wet. You never want to saturate your carpet it or subject it to moisture for extended periods of time. This leads to the carpet pad absorbing all of the moisture. Then over time, evaporation occurs and the moisture returns to the surface of the carpet, only this time the moisture contains dirt and soils from deep within the carpet pad and fibers.

How does carpet get wet enough for carpet browning to happen? There are three main reasons.

One main reason is due to poor ventilation in your home. Rooms with carpet that do not receive enough ventilation will often lead to damp carpet. This often happens in basements with carpet. If the carpet is damp for too long it can lead to mold growth or carpet browning.

Another reason is due to water damage. Water damage can occur from a leaky roof or poor plumbing or from inclement weather and storms. If water from outdoors reaches your carpet and sits there, the water will permeate into the carpet pad and browning will soon occur.

You will also often experience carpet browning after an appointment from a cheap carpet cleaning service or one that provides the steam cleaning method. This is because cheap services and steam cleaning use a lot of water for their carpet cleaning process. Then after the cleaning is complete, the services are not able to extract 100% of the water and inevitably some of it reaches the carpet pad.

You need to hire a carpet cleaning Centennial service that uses less water than steam cleaning. Lloyd’s Chem-Dry offers a low-moisture process for superior results.

We use one-fifth of the amount of water that steam cleaning needs to clean carpet. If you are experiencing carpet browning, our extraction equipment is powerful enough to extract the water from the carpet pad too.

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