Benefits of Hiring a Maid

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The average American spends about 13 hours doing house chores. That’s more like a part-time job. Therefore, most people would welcome the idea of hiring someone to do the cleaning.

The main advantage of hiring maid services is that you will save time and energy. Also, since the job is done by a professional, your house will end up cleaner. Still, there is the question of cost.

The answer to all the doubts and concerns you have of hiring a maid or professional cleaning services lie ahead.


There are two major benefits of hiring a maid for your home:


The day is short in the sense that there is not enough time to do everything. After work, you need to clean, walk your dog, watch TV, have coffee with friends, and still have some quality time with family. Chances are some of these tasks will not be accomplished. We tend to procrastinate the more boring tasks such as cleaning.

A maid reduces the cleaning tasks, therefore affording you more time for the other after-work activities.


Most of us can only efficiently clean dishes, do laundry, and make the bed. Things like carpet cleaning, clearing floor stains, and cleaning furniture require more time, keenness and experience, which a maid will have.


Professional cleaning services do not come cheap. The average cost per hour ranges between $25 and $35. Others charge their services per square foot. So, the size of your home and the amount of cleaning needed determine the final cost.

Most homeowners spend between $122 and $226 on each visit. If you schedule regular visits you may qualify for a discount of about $10 per visit. Of course, weekly visits cost less than monthly visits.

Factors such as pets, location, and lifestyle also influence the cost. So, when contacting the cleaning professional, ask for a detailed quote.

Use your worth to determine if you can afford maid services. If you earn $20 an hour and the services cost $35 per hour, it does not make financial sense to hire a maid. But, let’s say you earn $60 an hour and the services cost $35 per hour, hiring a maid is a good choice.


Maid services are not for everyone. You desperately need to hire a maid if:

  • You do not have time to clean. If you have a busy schedule and hardly ever have free time at your home, why not hire a maid.
  • You are not able to clean your home. If you are sick, or physically disabled, obviously you will not be able to clean your home. Another reason you may not be able to clean your home is if the house is too big for one person to clean.
  • You do not like cleaning. To some people tidying up is a big commitment. So instead of living in unhygienic conditions, why not hire someone to clean.

To any homeowner, the benefits of hiring a maid are substantial. The main issue is the cost. Make your decision wisely.

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